Why Vivid Doll

Why Vivid Doll
Vivid Dolls is UK based company with a manufacturing facility in (need to place the area in here) China. Although Vivid Dolls are relatively new to the market our Chinese facility has been producing dolls for many years within the Chines market.
We specialize in high quality designed medial grade TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) life-size love dolls. Our dolls are hand sculpted to unique designs created by us. Each doll can be customized to meet your needs in a variety of body and head combinations. Using our accessories page (link to accessories page), where you can also add a wide verity of wigs, eyes and makeup.
Quality Control
Our customers are important to us and we take great care in fulfilling their dreams in every way possible. Our manufacturing team is dedicated to make sure that your doll is produced to the highest possible standard. Each doll is inspected and securely packet before leaving our factory.
Research & Development
Vivid Dolls are constantly researching the market to make sure that we are in touch with what you want. Our R&D team are constantly working on new developments in weight reduction and the durability of our products. Our aim is to reduce the current weight of all our dolls by up to 30% soon, making our dolls the strongest and lightest on the market.
Skeleton (internal doll frame)
All our doll skeletons are made from high quality materials and are designed to a high tolerance and are fully articulating, to ensues the highest possible range of movement. Our dolls also come in a standing or none standing versions.
Customer satisfaction
You are important to us. Our goal is to make your buying experience a simple and fulfilling one. After all, your feedback is what builds a successful company and where hear to make sure that buying experience and product satisfaction is 100% right.

Vivid Doll
Your dreams come true.